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How I would remember 2012

2012. How I would carry it in my mind.

a. Colgate became Coal Gate(scam). The most popular brand became a word to refer to a big Scam.

b. Jantar Mantar became a place for Protest. Most of us now relate the name with protest – from Hazare to Aam Admi Party to the most recent shocking Rape incident.

c. Sexist Remark – once made popular by Shashi Tharoor referring economic class to Cattle class became hit among many politicians. They use it more often utilizing opportunities at hand. “Dented and Painted” is 2012’s new innovation.

d.  Good Byes – Sachin to ODI, Ratan to Tata. Rajesh khanna, Bal Thackeray, Pt. Ravishankar.

e. Open Shooting is becoming a new threat in US. The uncertainty is yet growing in Middle East and so in many African nations.

f. We are now following Twitter and Facebook more than our own Dreams.

g. Protesting online or taking actions against online protest – both were hit in 2012.   At least both Pak and Ind share similarity on this.

h.  The real E-commerce boom is kicking really. You can buy or sell Quicker – even virginity.

i. If you have a mood like Modi – you can win. Dynasty politics is coming to an end. Nitish is next. Work good, people will cherish. We are changing.

j. Winning against cancer after winning World cup.. Yuvi will remain special forever.




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