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New Port Wines in Town

newportThe first port wine I had tasted was Figueira – from Chateau Indage, one of the largest wine makes in India. Chantilli, Riviera are few hot selling products from Chateau Indage. I liked it for few reasons – its sweetness, high on alcohol compared to other red wines and also the instant warmth that I felt.

That was sometime in year 2007 and at Rs. 180/-(or so), it was one of the cheapest wine available. Figueira was a ruby port.

In one of our overnight road trip to Manali, I remember  Figueira was the best companion throughout the night, specially post midnight when we were driving the darkest part of the road and temperature was constantly dropping by every curve we were driving. Although one must avoid drinking and driving mainly at night and on the roads of Himachal Pradesh but….

However within a year or so, Figueira vanished from the market and I became quite used to listening to the word “no” from the wine shops of Delhi every time I inquired about a port wine – any port for that matter.

Sula launched the 1000 Port in the year 2010 and I was bit excited about it. But neither I liked the taste nor the bottle (a kind of plastic one).

I kept looking for port every time I went to buy a wine. I could have actually searched online or asked someone to bring a Portuguese Port from outside- a real port where it originated (Portugal). But instead I was silently hoping to see a port once again in our very own wine shops.

Finally, few days back when I went to a wine shop in Saket to by few bottles of Sula Satori for a get together, I found two varieties of port :). I picked the one labeled as “strong port” @250/-. I took a sip the moment I entered my car. It was sweet (although not as much as Figueira) and I felt the instant warmth.

The 12 Soils Port was an instant hit among my friends. The best compliment came next day from Anshul, “I will try few more dishes to have with port wine”. I must mention here – like the port, the lemon chicken made by Anshul was a super hit too.

I picked the other one today. Mitra 2000 Port wine. Frankly, it is too sweet and I didn’t like the after taste of it.

**port wine is often served as deserts because it is sweet. However, when it comes to port, I never followed any tradition :).

**Douro Valley of Portugal where port wine was originated is now a UNESCO Heritage Site. The wine produced here were exported from the city of Porto and hence got it’s name Port Wine.

**Some of the popular port variety are – Tawny, Ruby, White and Late Bottled Vintage.



3 thoughts on “New Port Wines in Town

  1. Port wine doesn’t necessarily have to be one of the Portuguese origin. It could be any wine made in a similar style. But when it comes to India, I don’t think even style matters, just like we have a whisky by the name Single Malt which is not actually a single malt by type.

    But 12S was good nonetheless esp. for a price like that..

    Posted by g2-806db2c8a119bb3da49498cc09c1671a | January 9, 2013, 7:04 am
  2. Seriously??? Wow…I thought iam the only stupid guy looking for the Figueira ruby port…but iam not alone, I guess.
    It’s not the dry red wine nor the very sweet typical port wine, its just perfect. Oh! My fav too…
    The first time I had it was at an Italian restaurant in Bombay, and at the first sip I was like wow!…this is some good port.
    Brought up among Christians and been to a Christian school I’ve had port very regularly since I was 12…home made mostly.
    I moved to Goa and could buy it for sometime and suddenly one day the retailer said “band ho gaya” and my heart just sank in disbelief. And just like you did…I kept looking for her in other wines…but couldn’t find her…lost forever 😦
    I will try the 12 solis u mentioned ..iam sure I’ll like it.. 🙂
    I suddenly feel like I known u long

    Posted by vijay | March 3, 2016, 8:31 pm
  3. Hi Vijay,

    Thanks for the comment bro. You have just refreshed my memories with Figueira. Pls suggest if you have tasted any good port recently.

    i am visiting Goa in april first week. Let me know if i should visit any place there.

    Thanks you so much!!

    Posted by bhrrigu | March 7, 2016, 9:57 am

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