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The other side of sexist remark

No, I am not trying to say that a sexist remark has a positive side also. Today I read an another article published by The Hindu referring to the remark made by a gentleman who in a reference to the Delhi’s rape case said, “rapes occur in India, not Bharat”.

The article is well written. However, while reading the article I have realized, the sexist remarks made by many in recent times and the kind of responses getting created out of these are actually acting as a source of entertainment for many.

Of course yes, one doesn’t accept such remarks made, but when a remark becomes the discussion of Arnab’s show, when a remark becomes the headline of many newspapers followed by many columns and blogs, when a remark becomes an instant hit in social networking sites flooded with ‘likes’ and ‘tweets’, it does become a source of entertainment.

I am saying entertainment because when media puts up a really strong point and the gentlemen in question goes out of words to defend himself or when a columnist provides every possible explanation why the person who has made the sexist remark is wrong and how we must be treating him and when many of us and celebrities from various walk of life express their concern, likes and dislikes on social networking sites and blogs – I have seen people react the same way, after watching or reading such threads, when an aggressive opponent batsman gets bowled by an Indian bowler after he made consecutive boundaries in a tense situation.

Media – be it social media, or TV, or Newspaper are of course contributing (a lot) but it is sad to see that at times how things which are less important than the real fact or incident get popularity and turned the whole thing into an open circus. People are still talking about it, writing about it, you call it India or Bharat or Hindustan, you call it ‘do hazar terah’ or ‘do hazar veera’, you criticize a person or criticize a column written by someone else, – rape is still happening. Let us not use an incident so barbaric to become a source for many such entertainments. Making a nonsense remark or making the remark popular – both are not acceptable.



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