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Bar Headed Geese and Problem of Plenty

Bar headed Geese and Problem of plenty

I went for birding after a long gap with a target in mind- the winter visitors. The winter fog only delayed and by the time the sun came out it was almost 10am. Light was not harsh but not the favorable time to shoot.

I approached a large flock of bar headed geese, I was excited to see them in plenty and sad at the same time – problem of plenty surfaced there.

😦 I was confused as what to click. I was struggling to get the right composition. Background was also not favorable and my 300mm was not enough to get close ups. Despite that I clicked a lot but back in my mind I knew, I didn’t get anything right

😦 The problem of plenty resurfaced when I had started processing the images. Plenty again but……….

I am satisfied with none and that only means going back to the field again and try hard. Try different settings, experiment more and do better. 🙂



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