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It isn’t my day!!

I woke up late today and the early signs told me that I am going to get a mild headache by noon. Head was heavy when I got up. For the past few months, I am getting headache (hangover) after drinking beer. Although yesterday I had only a pint and that too I bought a week back to taste – Schneider Weisse -Tap 7. Few weeks earlier I had told Anshul that I want to taste imported beer and quite madly one day I searched multiple wine shops nearby and bought few brands to taste. He referred my condition that day as OCD – obsessive compulsive disorder.

Ashish called me at around 9am and that is not an usual time he normally calls. Afzal Guru(the mastermind behind the parliament attack) hanged today morning. Mr. Modi tweeted, “better late than never”. He told me everything he came across in excitement. I wasn’t sure how to react.

I packed my camera and stepped out from home in a happy weekend mood. I have few frames in my mind. The sun during this time of the year looks awesome during sunset in the back drop of the Humayun’s Tomb.  The weather is perfect today for the same. Few weeks back, I saw the beautiful evening sun going down when I climbed the Barapulla flyover and all I was looking for was my camera.

The guy who regularly comes to wash my car didn’t come today. A corner of the window glass was full of bird droppings. Although I ignored that quite easily, I couldn’t ignore a mail that reached my mailbox. Suddenly, I felt the headache which I thought would start by noon started bit early.

I had to wait for around 20 minutes and take at least three rounds to park my car near my office. By noon the entire parking lot goes full. It wasn’t a good day at office too. To add a bit more salt to my situation, the guy from Fedex started annoying me when he came to pick a parcel which I scheduled for yesterday. As per my communication with the Fedex call center, the guy who would pick the parcel was supposed to weigh the item and bill along with insurance cover. But the guy who came to pick the parcel was neither carrying a weigh machine nor he was ready to cover the parcel under insurance. Instead he was telling me that Fedex would not be responsible in case of any damage. I asked the guy to leave and put the parcel in my drawer back again.  By then, the happy morning mood turned into somewhat gloomy.

I left office at around 5pm considering the sun would set by around 6 pm (06.07 pm as per weather forecast). I followed the sun to get at least one pic, but didn’t get the right frame I wanted. The moving traffic was not friendly enough for me to stop and wait by the road side. Knowing that things weren’t going in my way, finally I had decided to go for a haircut only to found that the saloon where I usually visit was closed today for unknown reason. In between, there were few other irritating things which I had to overcome.

It happens with me quite often. Despite I put best of my efforts, certain things beyond my control keeps bothering all in the same day. I call it a bad day and once tired, I just let it go. The last thing to do today is to sleep. Tomorrow will be a new day!!



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