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Birding Around Delhi: A Marsh Harrier

A Marsh Harrier

I think I must read the book “How to be a bad birdwatcher” by Simon Barnes at my earliest. I was happy till few minutes ago thinking that I have caught an osprey on flight. But the moment I posted this on a bird forum, I realized it is actually a marsh harrier(female). I was so sure that I didn’t even cross checked once.


But, it is alright. I didn’t had any collection of marsh harrier either. An the fact that osprey is there at KG Wetland, not having a pic would act like a motivation to drive those 100 odd kms. again soon. Although it will not be easy to get a flight shot as osprey is very shy and in my earlier visit I saw one sitting far away in a lonely tree.</p?


Last Sunday was a good day considering the fact that we have got many flight shots including some Egyptian vultures. But osprey ?? May be next time.



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