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A Spotted Eagle and the Corporate Myth on Bald Eagle

A Spotted Eagle and the Corporate Myth on Bald Eagle

When I think of an eagle, more than anything else, two things come to my mind. A presentation slide where an eagle is flying high with certain quote on ‘aspiring higher’ at the bottom and a short story of a bald eagle describing how at the age of around 40 it goes for a complete transformation to live another 30 odd years referring to change or rejuvenation in the corporate world. I certainly do not want to carry such things in my mind because I don’t see an eagle of any type inspiring a human being so much which can actually boost the performance even 5% unless it is backed by solid actions with newer ideas. The funniest part is the story about the bald eagle is actually a myth. You may refer to for the real facts and the story can be found at


Probably the easiest way to get those things out of mind is to actually go and click some photographs of any eagle and have a own story in my mind. I want to remember these great predators as beautiful species to observe and photograph rather than an object from a conference room presentation.

Greater Spotted Eagle

The greater spotted eagle or simply referred as spotted eagle is seen occasionally near KG wetland and Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. The one here was sunbathing on a lonely dry tree near KG wetland and flew to a distance once we were spotted. In my recent trip to Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary, I spotted few eagles but all of them were quite far and I could guess them as eagle mainly by their flight pattern.



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