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An Image and some FB comments


A list of few FB comments one would rather expect as “like” after uploading an image from the wild, e.g., a tiger. and some immediate would be reactions.

1. Wow sexy dude. (spare this comment for my other stuff..plz.)
2. Beautiful lion. (for God’s sake, it is a tiger and not a lion)
3. Have you seen xxx’s tiger image ? (may be, but it is about me here and not xxx)
4. Wow!! I have also got one. Here is the link to my image. (my image is an ad-free zone, trespassing is prohibited)
5. We have seen one in zoo and that one was huge. ( yes, like human, tigers also come in different sizes)
6. Was it clicked in the jungle? Dangerous no? (no it was roaming in my backyard and tigers are like dog and very friendly)
7. Which camera do you use? (could you plz. say something about my skills here?)
8. Oh my god, is it real? (off course not, it is an image only)
9. Can I share this image? (yes, but plz. ask your friends not to congratulate you after seeing the shared image)
10. One should not go so close to the animal. It is disturbing their natural habitat …. Blah…blah (Oh God, why FB does not have an enemy list ?)
11. Do you often go to the jungles? (are you working on some kind of probability theorem?)
12. Hey, I can see our group in the gyp behind the tiger. (thank you for this info. Now I know to whom I was using all the f words while processing the image)

Disclaimer:- Thanks to all my friends including the one who might have commented like above for my images and for the likes and other comments. They were always encouraging. The post is just a teaser.



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