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10 easy to carry social responsibilities of a not so professional wildlife photographer

  1. Explaining the specifications and usefulness of a DSLR to a relative who after a detail discussion on multiple brands, buy a compact camera @ 5K from Bg Bazzar under certain offers.
  2. Liking and commenting on some of the pictures clicked by the same relative using the new camera of their cat and dog posted very next day under a wildlife album on FB.
  3. Replying to a call while getting ready for office in the morning and telling the distant cousin who wants to know the distance between Jaipur to Ranthmabhore as he booked hotel and park safari online the other night. He believes you will be more accurate than Google. It is expected that everything is in the fingertip including what the hotel (the name of which you might not have heard before) will offer in breakfast.
  4. Keeping a group of office mates calm and cool in a hot debate on ‘whether Jim Corbett national park has any tiger or not’. Because in the last few official trips they could only manage to see some pug marks while touring the buffers and they strongly believe those marks were created by people who work for money. The trip was organized by Cats n Dogs Travels.
  5. Helping a close friend to get a blank hotel bill from Ramnagar so that he can claim certain travel benefits.
  6. Keeping a broad smile on the face holding the DSLR + Prime kit while looking  at an image of a tiger carrying a deer in its mouth clicked by a friend using his Macromax phone who went to the jungle in the same evening safari as you did – but in a different gypsy. While the friend was busy shooting the tiger, you were trying to click some artistic images of a langur on a different route where according to the guide had the maximum chances of seeing a tiger.
  7. Calling a good old friend from Bandhavgarh and taking all undue helps to get a permit at a very short notice for your neighbor (who is showing great interest in wildlife lately) only to get an sms in return ‘to cancel the permit’ one day prior to the D day as the family decided to  visit Goa as Bandhavgarh is very hot in May which they have learnt the other night watching IndiTV.
  8. Obliging to their gentle request to click photographs for FB keeping the elephants in the backdrop while going on a family safari trip is one hell of a responsibility. As the picture are clicked in RAW, it goes without saying that the evening is spent on processing the images under tremendous pressure (to make it quick) while rest of them would be having some vodka.
  9. Quickly gathering those modest words to say no when an enthusiast pretty woman approaches and makes a request to allow her son to see the small blue kingfisher through the camera -which you are aiming stretching your eyes since the last 10 minutes waiting for the bird to look towards you.
  10. If you are from Delhi and male, showing your dislikes with a co-photographer from south while seeing a group of buzzing Delhi girls wearing colorful cloths inside the park and thinking at the same time of an opportunity to show your pictures to the group if they are staying in the same resort.


3 thoughts on “10 easy to carry social responsibilities of a not so professional wildlife photographer

  1. hahaha this is great and also applicable to a wildlife enthusiast. I’ve been asked so many of these questions so many times!

    Posted by Shaunak | March 6, 2013, 10:17 am
  2. Been there, done that. well almost.. 😉

    Posted by g2-806db2c8a119bb3da49498cc09c1671a | March 6, 2013, 12:01 pm
  3. You’ve been amazingly responsible!!

    Posted by lylekrahn | March 8, 2013, 2:42 am

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