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Cawing for a Crow


Finally I have a photograph with a crow and this is dedicated to my friends who often used to ask me whether I have any picture of crow. Sometime I also used to put that question back to them as if to be a good photographer one must have at least one. We, thus keep joking on ourselves as we always ignore the common birds.

While shooting an antelope the other day, a crow came into the frame and I happened to press the shutter button almost at the right time. While processing the picture, I thought I will read a bit about the most ignored bird and here are few things which I have found interesting.

a. Crows appear to have evolved in Asia – no wonder why we have so many of them around.

b. A flock of crows is also poetically referred as ‘murder of crows’. It is interesting to see the word ‘murder’ being associated with crow. Possibly a reason why crow is always seen as villain or a messenger of bad news.

c. Crows are now considered to be among the world’s most intelligent species with brain size (adjusted for body size) as large as some apes. Our very old crow story is an another proof of that.

“Crows show their intelligence in many ways. If they see a cat or other creature with prey, one or more crows will swoop in to divert attention, while others sneak in to grab the prize. Crows do more than simply caw. They have a complex language system and can mimic many other birds and animals, often barking like a dog or screaming like a hawk. Crows use twigs and flexible materials to reach food. Tame crows have been taught to count up to three. When one crow in a group dies, the others gather in what looks like a ceremony, a display of feeling or compassion”, someone wrote.

d. They will eat almost anything, including other birds, fruits, nuts, mollusks, earthworms, seeds, frogs, eggs, nestlings, mice and carrion – a reason why they are found in so much abundance in urban areas.

e. In Chinese mythology, the world originally had ten suns embodied as ten crows, which rose in the sky one at a time. When all ten decided to rise at once, the effect was devastating to crops, so the gods sent their greatest archer Houyi, who shot down nine crows and spared only one.

And the Quotes:

a. A whitewashed crow soon shows black again.
b. Every cock crows on his own dunghill

A dedicated crow page:



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