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Disclaimer by a Birder

Disclaimer by a Birder

I am not a good birder at all and I do not think I will be good at it ever. This is to my good old friends who show interest in my (bird) photographs but often come up with many queries as far as their names are concerned. Honestly, some years back, I was also one of you.

So the disclaimers:

  • A snake eagle can kill snakes and eat but there is no evidence of a cattle egret killing cattle. Same way snake bird mostly eat fish and not snake.
  • Egyptian vultures are not from Egypt.
  • Great Indian Bustard is not easy to find and not as bad as it sounds.
  • A short eared owl is not partially deaf. The name only describes short ear tufts.
  • Rollers never roll and please don’t ask me why they are called rollers.
  • Laughing thrush cannot laugh or at least I have not heard.
  • Yes, tit is a kind of bird, please don’t think beyond this.
  • Comb duck doesn’t carry any comb.
  • Lagger Falcon is a bird unlike kingfisher lager.
  • Whether it is a Eurasian hobby or Oriental, they are definitely not my new interest areas.
  • Don’t be too logical. Black-headed gull may not always have a black head. The head of an adult male in breeding plumage looks dark coffee colored. The same is true with some other birds as well.
  • I really do not know if brainfever birds ever had any high fever.
  • A good birder easily distinguishes a kingfisher the way you easily do among strong, lager, ultra and blue.
  • Many flycatchers and other birds swallow insects like a swallow does.
  • Unlike sunflower, sunbird is not used to depict the sun.
  • Also, cotton teal is not used to produce cotton and common starlings are not common at all.

A good birder may suggest few more. So far, this is it from my side and please keep me encouraging for more birding.



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