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Enjoying the Rain

Enjoying the Rain

Every time it rains here in Delhi these days, it reminds me of many paragraphs from the book Chasing the Monsoon and since the day I picked this book (sometime in January this year), it is raining in Delhi almost at regular intervals. Although it is a mere coincidence and not a reason.

Much like any other day, as soon as I logged in to my office computer in the morning and opened the NDTV site for news update, the first heading that caught my eyes was -“Clear morning in Delhi, rain likely”, which brought a kind of joy to me. The prediction was right and it started raining as the day was coming to an end. When I left office, a bit early today, the atmosphere was already filled with an earthy smell and I kept the window of my car half open allowing the smell to get inside the car.

The road was still boring and the cars were moving rather slowly. But the little rain drops which were pouring in through the half open window kept me refresh and occasionally I stretched my hand out of the car to feel the rain and in one or two occasions I also washed my face with a bit of rain water which I could collect in my hand.

I remember the last time when it was raining, a few weeks back, I was standing on my balcony watching the old peepal tree dancing in the rain. The next day morning I found that most of the dry leafs which the tree was carrying throughout the winter were scattered on the ground around it. The tree was almost naked but looked fresh than before.

So while driving home, I was looking at the trees by the road. It was windy and they were dancing in a rhythm. Fresh leafs could be seen on most of the trees now and they are adding the much needed freshness. The odd ones which were still waiting for the fresh leafs to arrive were also seen joining the chorus. Few dry leafs which were left out must have been shaken off by today’s rain.

The 32 long miles from office to home takes sometimes more than an hour and a half and I had sufficient time to think and enjoy the rain. I was thinking about the flamingos in Okhla bird sanctuary, our beloved guests who visit during this time of the year. They might stay a bit longer this season. I was thinking about Basai wetland and the pied avocets – the passage migrant. They must have been busy wadding happily along with the black winged stilts and the godwits during the rainy afternoon. The peacocks in the newly found jungle lane near KG wetland also came to my mind. They must have been dancing too to attract the females.

The rain had brought so much joy and I couldn’t stop expressing myself. Rain, rain- come again!!

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2 thoughts on “Enjoying the Rain

  1. On a related note, that wet smell of earth right when it starts to rain is known as petrichor.

    Posted by Brainstuck | April 3, 2013, 7:56 am
  2. Thank you Brainstuck. However the word is little mechanical types – doesn’t add that feel.

    Posted by bhrrigu | April 3, 2013, 8:49 am

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