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Flycatcher Series – #1

Flycatcher – as the name suggest, they take their prey on the wings. Much like the bee eater. But unlike the bee eater, flycatcher(Muscicapidae) is a large family of passerine birds. Their size and color vary significantly. They are referred to as old world flycatcher from the old world – Asia, Africa and Europe. Most of the species have broad bills so that they can catch insects in flight.

On a much lighter note, as they need to keep flying to catch an insect, it is usually not easy to photograph them. They keep jumping (or flying) from one tree to other, one branch to another.

ultramarine flycatcher

Ultramarine Flycatcher or White-browed Blue Flycatcher (Ficedula superciliaris). Winters in central and part of south India and during summer migrates to western Himalayas.

red throated flycatcher

Red-throated Flycatcher (Ficedula albicilla) or Taiga Flycatcher. Found across the subcontinent.



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