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In The Heat of Summer Sunshine

It is end of May now. Monsoon is still a month away. For the animals and the birds the best way to beat the scorching heat is to take a quick bath. For the small birds even a tiny water stream acts like a water resort.


Jungles of central India are almost dry now and the remaining waterholes are being shared by animals and birds and at times both prey and predator together. This creates unique opportunity for visitors to see them almost regularly from a close quarter.


In the famous Corbett National Park, elephants come out in large numbers to bath in the Ramganga river. After spending the morning hours grazing in the grassland, they gradually move into the thick forest during noon. They are seen taking mud bath to add a layer on their skin much like we use sunscreen lotions. By late afternoon, they start descending towards the river to drink and take a shower.


Back in Delhi, I am visualizing all these and trying to cool myself inside an AC cabin. There is of course no Ramganga in a city life. The processed water from the polluted Yamuna is our biggest hope.



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