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Few Lifers from Jim Corbett NP

When I have found that Common green magpie is a member of the crow family, for a moment I was wondering how can this species be so brightly colored in complete contrast to a crow. Corvids or the crow family consist of some common birds like crows, magpies, treepies and jays. Magpies, treepies and jays are colorful birds unlike regular crows or ravens and usually found in the foothills of the Himalayas.

red billed green magpie small

The palm tree point (as referred by the guides) is the best place to see a common green magpie in the Corbett National Park near the Dhikala grass land. During May-Jun they can be easily seen in that area. I am not sure whether they are resident to that area but as per available information, this species is usually found in the foothills of the Himalayas and the Corbett Park should provide them their ideal habitat. However, I have not seen them anywhere else in Corbett other than the palm tree point. The area is shady and remains cool throughout the day even in summers. Although they are called Common green magpie, they are definitely not common to birders. In fact, Rofous treepie and Red billed blue magpie are more common in India.

long tailed broadbill small

The other bird that brought me some smile was the Long tailed broad-bill. I found a couple busy making a nest. Interestingly they picked up a branch which was hanging towards the middle of the main Dhikala road to build their nest. I didn’t spot their nest while entering the park but while I was going out I saw a bird flying away from the nest. I had to wait for couple of minutes for the bird to return. I was delighted when I saw it and identified it as a broad-bill. People usually do not notice their nest despite the fact that it is build in open as most of us keep looking left or right for any movement while on a jungle safari.

black headed bulbul

Other than these two species, I saw a pair of Black crested bulbul for the first time in Dhikala. The last trip to Dhikala was my first such trip where I have concentrated more on birds than mammals.

*Dhikala is a tourist zone situated inside Corbett NP which is famous for it’s grassland and elephants.



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