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Against a Golden Backdrop

The setting was perfect. The weather was clear and the sun was going to set off behind the small hill. A small herd of elephant after grazing for quite some time in the grassland went to the reservoir few minutes back to take bath. Their movements were creating ripples on the water and the last rays of the sun were reflecting like gold. I was watching this from a distance and waiting for the elephants to come out so that I can click some silhouette against that golden reflection.


The backdrop was perfect as I said. It was an opportunity which I saw coming my way for the first time in Dhikala to photograph elephants in such a setting. I was excited.

In the meanwhile I have positioned and re-positioned our vehicle couple of times – the only thing which was under my control and that too with limited choice as vehicles are not allowed the leave the routes defined. An Indian roller was flying very close and at eye level. I did not try to take her picture. There was only one frame in my mind.

After couple of minutes, the elephants came out but my excitement started fading as I saw them taking a route away from the reflection. Luckily three of them turned and came to a point for mud bath – a point where the sun, the three elephants and myself came to a straight line with the elephants in the middle. That was the moment I was waiting for.

Wild will be wild always. The elephants were on the right position but they were very close to each other forming a silhouette of a large ball. They were the models but not the paid ones to follow my instructions. I had to wait few more minutes to expose the above photograph with a proper shape of an elephant. A portion of the photograph is burnt out which of course I didn’t like.



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