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Few Common Birds from Corbett

_MG_3721qA crested serpent eagle

The Crested Serpent Eagle, as its English name suggests, is a specialist reptile eater which hunts over forests, often close to wet grassland. A radio-telemetric study of the species in Taiwan found that the birds spend 98% of the day perched and usually finding food in the morning hours. They appear to use a sit and wait foraging strategy.

_MG_3844An Indian Peacock

The earliest usage of the word Peacock in written English is from around 1300 and spelling variants include pecok, pekok, pecokk, peacocke, peocock, pyckock, poucock, pocok, pokok, pokokke, and poocok among others. The current spelling was established in the late 17th century.

_MG_3825A black francolin

The male may be seen standing on a rock or low tree attracting attention with its extraordinary creaking call. It may be heard all day long in April, during nesting. They are generally monogamous in the wild (the condition of having only one mate during a breeding season or during the breeding life of a pair).

*text: Wikipedia



One thought on “Few Common Birds from Corbett

  1. Good shots and write-up bhrigu! enjoyed reading it.

    Posted by santanu nandy | July 6, 2013, 5:05 pm

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