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Bharatpur, yet again

sarus in field

For the first time, I boarded a train with an unreserved ticket for a short journey (about 3 hours). The journey which was decided exactly 3 hours prior to the scheduled train – Mewar Express from Nizamuddin, Delhi to Bharatpur, Rajasthan. The 7 pm train reached Bharatpur at around 9:40, a mere 5 minutes behind the original schedule. The TTE was kind enough to upgrade my ticket to an AC-3-tire.

indian roler

There were two reasons behind this journey. A) I wanted to go to Bharatpur in this rainy days to click some photographs of birds with some dark green background (it is not the best time though to expect too many birds) and B) two of my crazy friends had arrived Bharatpur by noon.


We spent some good times around the nursery and the temple. A call of a spotted deer (he might have seen a jackal) was the last thing we expected in the bird paradise. The area inside the main gate was quiet. A bus full of Japanese and some 50 odd school children were the only attraction.


On our way back to Delhi we spent considerable amounts of time with a pair of sarus which we had spotted in a wheat field and an another pair with a juvenile near Palwal by the high way. The trip was full of fun but I am yet to see a Dusky Eagle Owl which I am targeting in my recent trips to Bharatpur.



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