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From Deception Point to Inferno: Reading Dan Brown


After a long gap I picked up another book of Dan Brown. This time it was Inferno. The first book of Dan Brown that I had read was Deception Point which I had picked from New Delhi Railway Station while going on an official trip to Chandigarh. Once I started, I finished the book in three consecutive nights resulting in a strong headache due to extra stress on my eyes. That was some three years ago and perhaps the only book which I have read till date, in such a short span of time.

Although Brown had little success with Deception Point, somehow I enjoyed the book. However, I never felt inclined to reading his successive works – Angels and Demons, Da Vinci Code or the Lost Symbol. In fact, there is no specific reason why I bought Inferno, I hadn’t even read any reviews on it.

Inferno is about two strong characters – one of-course Robert Langdon and the other Dante Alighieri whom the author brings to alive by drawing endless references to his work The Divine comedy . Brown, in an interview once said, “I do something very intentional and specific in these books. And that is to blend fact and fiction in a very modern and efficient style, to tell a story.” No doubt, he is one of the best authors, who manages to do so in their writings. After reading the first chapter, I thought I would take couple of weeks to finish the book. But I finished it within a week. I must say, the ending of the book could have been better. The thrill ends few chapters before the last one.

I never read the Da Vinci Code or Angels & Demons but did watch their film adaptations. The Lost Symbol is also lying in my bookshelf but so far I have not felt like reading it. I think out of all popular books of Brown, I have read two of his not so best works, but I enjoyed both of them. I am sure, if I start I will surely like the other books as well and most likely I will pick the Digital Fortress and wait for the film adaptation of The Lost Symbol. The work has already begun and if the reports are true, the Lost Symbol will hit theaters by the next year.



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