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Sunday Birding- Delhi Zoo


After a gap of almost two years, I went to the Delhi Zoo today. The morning was foggy and considering the weather of the past two days, I wasn’t expecting the sun to come out. By noon, the weather turned good but I couldn’t make any better plan and decided to visit the zoo.

The pelicans were too boring. The common kingfisher was nowhere to be found. The painted storks were noisy and they have captured almost everything. They destroyed half of the branches of the trees by the lakes and painted the remaining half white with their droppings. Therefore, I started following the regular ones. The egrets. The cormorants tried few things in front of me along with the spot billed ducks. I didn’t find them interesting today.

I was looking for the barbets, woodpeckers and the grey hornbills. But I did not see a single one. I found a thick-knee which I was not expecting. A grey heron too. The black necked stork was also there and while coming back I saw the common kingfisher near the small pond close to the exit. I did not see any owl and therefore, I did not feel the pleasure of birding. For some reason, I feel incomplete when I do not see an owl.

painted stork (juv)

I was hungry a lot and drove straight towards the Nathu’s Sweet shop in Sunder Nagar. The raj-kachori was good.



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