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“A Less Boring History of the World” is Never Boring.

lbhotw_coverThis is one of those books which I picked by just reading the title. Interestingly, I bought this book when I was reading “The rise and fall of the third chimpanzee” – an award winning science book on human revolution by Jared Diamond.

I have few warnings to people who would like to read this book. Firstly, avoid reading this book after a full meal as you never know when you will spill out amidst laughter burst. Secondly, this book may not be for you if you are a diehard fan or a firm believer of something, for example, if you are a fan of Manchester United and you have scored few goals already by kicking someone around you in a day when Manchester United lost to Manchester City. Or, if you like Thai food so much that you can practically get into a cockfight with a man from north India, who thinks green chutney, which he considers as his birth right and always expects it to be preceded with every item that comes out of the tandoor, is better than Thai green curry and at the end of the fight you are actually ready to take a bullet.

Someone has posted in about this book, “Don’t read this in public places where people who laugh out loud are considered mad (and dangerous, perhaps) unless you enjoy being thought of as mad (and dangerous, perhaps) because you will most definitely laugh out loud more than once whilst reading this highly entertaining book.”

The author has actually added humor to almost everything and the facts are presented in a completely different way. Therefore, this book is not for you if you are looking for facts to fill gaps in your history knowledge. However, if you have ever read world history, you will thoroughly enjoy this book unless of course few exceptional cases as mentioned above. It is not that all facts are altered but they are squeezed and mixed with lots of humor and presented in the most comical way which leaves an unique taste unlike other history books. Are those books boring? They may not be but surely they are not entertaining like this one and you may not call this one a history book at the end.

And so my verdict  is, if you want to read world history (and that too since the formation of earth) in less than 300 pages without getting confused between AD and BC, get a copy of this. You will never feel boring.

P.S: Just when you will realize something is too much, you will find some quiz for you like desserts after a good meal.



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