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Sunday Birding – A Hangover and Some Common Birds

Here is a birding trip report of the past weekend. We kicked off the weekend on Saturday with a BBQ-dinner. As you can see the picture below, the BBQ-dinner was just not about chicken alone and we got up late the next day morning.


By the time we started, it was around 7:30 am, by that time, an average birder counts more than 10 species(just an arbitrary figure and no survey was done to conclude this). We first stopped by the coconut vendor to drink coconut water. There are many ways one can get rid of hangover but quite frankly nothing works as fast as you want it to. I wish there was something like ‘dependal’. We drank few glasses of water before leaving home and the coconut water acted as a catalyst. After driving a kilometer or so, we spent around 10 minutes looking for an isolated place to get ourselves relieved.

It was around 9:30 am when we reached our destination. Actually, we were nearing our destination. An earth mover was standing in the middle of the narrow road which leads to the wetland and the driver was nowhere close. So we decided to go off the track a bit. That was a trap. The car got stuck in slush. We tried everything possible only to get ourselves dirty with mud all over. Finally we went to find a tractor nearby. By the time we were out of that trap it was 11:30 am. An average birder returns home to have his brunch by this time. So we decided to visit a nearby Dhabba. Stuffed Paranthas with butter made us sleepy. We decided to call it a day. I slept at around 2 till about 8 pm.

Despite all that, I did manage to do some birding and here is a short but detailed description.

Just when I was about to start the car, I spotted a pair of myna sitting on a nearby post. My friend suggested that the picture will come good with clear bokeh and therefore, I decided to try few shots. He was right and I thought we would have a great time as the wiseman says, “morning shows the day”.

The next bird was a black shining gorgeous house crow sitting on a green colored dustbin near the mother diary shop. She was busy scanning the dustbin, something she does every morning. I am not sure if she has developed a taste for milk. But sometimes when she comes out of the bin, she does look like a pied crow(found in the African continent).

kiteThe third one was a black kite. Yes, she does look brown to all of us but we call her black kite because ornithologists call her black kite. A dog was lying in the middle of the road and part of his intestine was out in open. A regular sight for all of us. The kite made a perfect dive and with her strong talons, she picked some flesh from the lifeless body. All happened pretty quickly and we saw her flying away with something long, most likely a part of the intestine. When we stopped to drink coconut water, we saw a small piece of that intestine on top of the car and we all knew who did it.

I saw a pond heron too. Pond herons are not limited to ponds. I found him in a drain near the coconut vendor. Half of his beak and legs were painted black. He was standing on a floating object. His posture suggested as if he was feeling bit cold there. He was still like a statue and most likely standing in that position for the past many minutes. ‘You are too boring’, I murmured. No one paid any attention to him which was what the heron liked.

Then came a grey wagtail. We saw her when we were struggling to get our car out from the muddy track. With her usual “sweethh sweetth call and a dancing tail she came and stood few meters away from us. From that distance she looked at us and then started walking around looking for small insects. My clothes were dirty by then and without thinking too much, I lay down on the soft mud to take few ground level shots.


While my friend was busy bargaining with a tractor driver, I saw a flock of cormorants flying away. The small white patch near the neck suggested that they are great cormorants. The dropping released by one of them fell few meters away from us. “Thank God”, I sighed. The seventh species was a male juvenile bush chat. We saw him when we were parking our car near the roadside dhaba. The little one looked lost. There was no expression in his face and he allowed us to take few pictures.

The final one was a peacock. I saw the peacock through a small square-shaped hole from the toilet behind the Dhabba. The peacock was walking from my right side to left. He paused as he came across a small drain that originates from the toilet. To cross the drain he took a flight and vanished from my view. Suddenly, I felt a strong odor of ammonia in my nose and I finished my job in a hurry.



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