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The Desi Spicy Beers and Two Sula Wines

[This is not a review]
A Rose: 

Sula Zinfandel RoseWell, I am not talking about a Rose Minraval by Brangelina . Sula Zinfandel Rose from Sula Vineyards is available in most of the wine shops in Delhi. Under Rs. 600/- it is one of the cheapest and you don’t need to bother what else to serve with it. It is simple, light and I always had fun with it.

It was introduced to me by a friend who had it first time while going for a jungle safari in the Western Ghat. Post that, we tried it sitting in a balcony of a 14th floor apartment in Gurgaon in a BBQ-brunch. I had this wine at home and mostly alone after a hectic office schedule. I enjoyed it while reading a book on a lazy Sunday. I tried this while driving (sincerely not advisable) too. When they say, “A versatile, “anytime” wine great for picnics, parties, and hot summer days”, they are not exaggerating it.

A Red:

Satori merlotI am drinking Sula Satori Merlot-Malbec for quite some time now. It goes well with the regular north Indian spicy non-veg foods. Does it give a ‘sudden enlightenment’ as the name suggests? Well, it does. In the last few months, I have almost stopped drinking beers. I don’t want to blame beer but frankly, I get headache (for whatever reasons) almost every time I drink more than a pint. Initially, this wine was a substitute for beer but now I don’t call it that way. I like the smooth lingering finish of the thick dark berry.

Again, it doesn’t cost you much. Serve it lightly chilled and you have a perfect match for the spicy food you have just ordered in.

Latest price available at:

The Spicy:

indus_4_newThe latest addition to my taste buds are the spice flavored Indus Pride beers from Sab Miller. The first thing I liked about this brand is the logo. I went through many reviews of this brand and most of them rated these varieties as ‘below the expectation’. However, few things I liked about Indus Pride. It is light, it has a slightly silky lingering taste and the flavors give an additional edge. I do not think people who regularly drink beer and usually go beyond 3-4 pints will enjoy these flavors. But if you drink occasionally and you usually settle down at 2 or max. 3, you should try these flavors once. Otherwise, you will find the taste flat and and not so exciting.

The price of each pint is Rs. 80/- in Delhi.

*Photographs are picked from the official sites.




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