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In Memory of My Last Wallet

I had been using this wallet since 2012. In the last two years, it served the purpose of keeping all the valuables well under inside its jackets. I lost it yesterday and I want to give this one a farewell with these memories.

It was 2nd November 2012. I went to watch a late night movie at PVR Priya. I came back home by around 2 am. It was Saturday, the 3rd November. I got up late and sometime in noon, when I went through my mailbox, I found a mail from an unknown person called Juliene.

“I have found your wallet in Priya Complex. Call me at the below number to collect the same”. That was when I realized that I had lost my wallet. Luckily enough that person, a girl from South Africa who speaks French and was studying MBA in Delhi-NCR, used to live in my neighborhood. “It is never easy to recover those critical documents. I have faced this in my life”, she told me when I met her. That day I had decided that in future if I found any lost item, I will return the same to the owner irrespective of the time and effort I would have to take up.

Yesterday, I lost my wallet again. It was again a Saturday. Usually I consider 19 as my lucky day. But 19th July was not lucky enough. Almost similar to the last incident, I realized it only, when someone from a nearby residence rang the doorbell and handed over few documents which he found lying near my car which was parked little away from my home.  But as the luck could have it, I have found only my driving license and the voter ID card. Everything else including cash, RC, Debit and Credit cards were gone along with the wallet.

Today, I went on to read my horoscope on yahoo astrology (this is the only astrology page I follow) and here is what it was written for 19th July.

“Some risks are indicated today having to do with theft and loss, so do take the time to lock your doors suggest astroYogi astrologers. Make sure your home is safe and secure in order to prevent petty crimes and unnecessary loss of items. Do not leave items of value lying in places where someone could take them. Even if you feel safe, it is better to be safe than sorry in this regard.”

I was shocked to find how some predictions match so well. This reminded me to an old Assamese saying which says when you are protected by the almighty no one can harm you but when it happens otherwise … … well even predictions can’t protect you. You are simply ___ (you can fill it with any of those harsh words).

I am sure there will be some other predictions for the same day which might say, “Your fortune is so faaked today that you will even forget to read your predictions”.

The good thing is that Delhi Police has an online page to lodge an FIR. But to get a duplicate copy of my RC, I have to visit the RTO office. I am assuming I would need to read my horoscope before going to that office.



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