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Tasted: 3 Other Imported Beers in Delhi

To break my short and self-imposed dry spell, I went to Le Marche – Sugar & Spice at Priya complex, Vasant Vihar to check few new beers for the weekend. I picked three of them randomly including a Bavaria.

The first one I tried was a Birra Moretti from an Italian brewing company which is  currently under Heineken. After having two sips, I called my friend from Faridabad who was eating pizza at that moment and I realized, I should have bought a pizza(whether Italian or not) instead of an Italian beer. An average beer. Nothing unique.

BEERNext day, I tried a London Pride. A much better beer than the Moretti. It is slightly bitter, distinctly malty and some hoppiness at the end. Many notches better than our Indus Pride. The mouth-feel is smooth and it leaves some taste of a biscuit. It is a good drinkable beer.

The third one was a Bavaria, a beer from Netherlands which is brewed with pure mineral water – something I noticed for the first time. Till then, I used to relate mineral water mainly to whisky. The beer has a refreshing palate, the bitterness is light with a very short after taste. It is easy to drink but overall it lacks a punch to speak a bit more in favor.

So final verdict. London Pride is the definite winner. Instead of Birra Moretti, I would go for a pizza, italian or not. However, considering the price I would prefer a Hoegaarden or a Leffe or else, I will look for a microbrewery – like Soi 7 in DLF Cyber city and Rockman’s Island in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon or Brew n Barrel in Faridabad.

Price: Bavaria – Rs. 180, Birra Moretti – Rs. 225/-, London Pride – Rs. 230/-. The store also stocks Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel, Amstel Light, Carling etc.

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