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Google ke zamane me, Mughal Raaj

While returning from our Sunday cycling trip to India Gate, we stopped by a tea vendor near Khan Market. As we were about to finish our cup of tea, two men came riding a bullet and asked the Panwala nearby if he knew where Burger King was. Two things were obvious at the very sight. These two men, although dressed in plain cloths, were some sort of security personnel assigned to some officer and they had no idea what Burger King is or what it looked like. As the Panwala was little confused, one of us told them that the Burger King has no outlet in Khan Market. They should either go to Connaught Place or Select City Walk in Saket.

As they were about to go towards Connaught Place, I told them that it is very early to visit the place as it opens at around 10 am. It was around 7.30am then. One of them replied, “HUM TOH DEKHNE JA RAHE HAI …..KHANE KE LIYE TOH SAHAB JAYEINGE” (we are only going to spot the place. Sahab will go to eat later).

Suddenly a scene came to my mind.

Their Sahab might have stepped out of his AC room wearing a silk robe, baring his tummy and commanded his security personnel to gather in attendence. Once all of them grouped, he might have picked some of his best men and said. “Sainko, jao jake pata karke aao, is desh me kahan kahan Burger King hai”. His voice was such that few of his personnel might have mistaken Burger King as some real King from some neighboring states in the very place.

As we have described the Connaught Place location well, I am sure the two men whom we met might have returned to their Sahab within an hour with a big smile on their face. “Jahapana, Burger King mil gaya, Jahapana“, they might have reported while their Sahab was having breakfast in his sprawling bunglow with his Apple iPhone 6 by his side. I couldn’t imagine whether he would have thrown his gold necklace towards them or not but I am sure, a Jahapana might have visited one of the Burger King today.

Google ke zamane me, Mughal  Raaj.

Oh because it is mainly a wildlife blog, adding few pics from my recent Corbett trip..


Common Iora

Chestnut-Headed Bee-eater

Chestnut-Headed Bee-eater


Tawny Fish Owl


Black Francolin



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