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Bharatpur 2017

Well, there is nothing much to write. I am not a birder so there is no fact and figure that I would like to underline. Besides, Bharatpur is a popular place and all information are readily available. However, I have observed few things in my recent visit.

a. Those low floor, bit bulky rickshaws were gone now. When I mentioned about it, a rickshaw puller shared his version of a story.

One day he was carrying a tourist on one of those rickshaws when he was stopped by the DFO near the temple. He asked him about the creaky noise which he thought was coming from the rickshaw. In his clarification, the rickshaw puller told him that the noise was, in fact, coming from his bones as the rickshaw was very heavy. Soon, it became difficult to distinguish the sound of irritating juvenile painted storks from the sound of rickshaw puller’s bones and the park permanently discarded the new rickshaws.

b. You can no more take your car till the gate near the Salim Ali Museum. A new parking area has come up near the main entrance. A good move to my opinion. The only car that constantly moves around the park is the one allocated to the DFO. I have visited this place so many times in the past but my last trip was the only one where I have seen the DFO more than 10 times in a single day.  He has even noticed me feeding a stray dog inside the park and gently objected.  We need such officer everywhere.

c. I am not sure why the neck of a darter is so long. Unlike giraffe, they are not challenged. Neither they catch fish like a heron.

d. Rickshaws were taking more stoppage for selfie than spotting birds.

Ok, enough. Some pics now.

Purple Sunbirdpied kingfisher Marsh Harrier kingfisher & egret Rosy pelican Osprey




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