Basai Wetland

State: Haryana, District: Gurgaon.
Distance: Around 10km from Hero Honda Chowk, Gurgaon, around 50 km from Delhi.
Best known Route:- Delhi -> Hero Honda Chowk, Gurgaon->Basai (route map attached)
Best time to visit:- Anytime of the year, winter is best for migratory birds.


Basai wetland near Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is probably one of the most frequently visited wetland of Delhi-NCR birders. Unknown to the weekend picnic tourists who usually head for Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Basai provides a great opportunity to watch various species of birds from a very close distance. Even though I am a frequent visitor, Basai always surprises me. A short eared owl in my recent visit is one them as I never expected to see one there. A large flock of flamingos last year brought excitement to many birders and photographers around. This little wetland with high concentration of birds is currently under great threat from ongoing constructions.

Some birds to watch at Basai:

  • Bar Headed Goose
  • Sarus Crane
  • Black Napped Ibis
  • Black headed Ibis,
  • Common Starling
  • Grey Heron
  • Purple Heron
  • Pied Avocet
  • Marsh Harrier
  • Short Eared Owl
  • Isabeline Shrike
  • Wire-tailed swallow
  • Pheasant-tailed Jacana
  • Rudyshel Duck
  • Black-headed Gul
  • Black-headed Munia
  • Common Snipe
  • Painted Stork
  • Red-headed Bunting
  • Rosy pipit
  • Wooly-necked Stork
  • Common Stonechat
  • Long billed pipit
  • Bluethroat
  • Indian Bushlark
  • Temmincks stint
  • Pacific Golden Plover
  • Grey headed Lapwing
  • Red-necked Falcon

I don’t think any advice is necessary to visit this place. Just pick up a bottle of water and preferably a bird book, Basai can be your first step to get addicted to birding. A descent zoom camera will help capture the species at ease. If you have a binocular you will almost look like a pro.

Basai Route

short eared owl


black napped ibis

isabelline shrike

paddyfield pipit

painted stork

pheasant tail jacana


purple swamphen


streaked weaver


3 thoughts on “Basai Wetland

  1. Please write the names on the photos itself for better identication by people who are just starting.. thanks. Have sent you a msg already. Would like to connect with you regarding preservation initiatives of this area. Already in touch with few others ( Environmentalist n birders etc). Regards. Anindita ( 9930464749).

    Posted by Anindita | March 29, 2017, 4:46 am
  2. Hi, Thanks for the suggestion, would surely update the names shortly. I think the area is not protected and it belongs to one or many people from the adjacent village. However, I will be glad to support you.

    Posted by bhrrigu | March 29, 2017, 7:11 am
  3. Thanks for your response. Do drop me a line on mail with your contact details. A PIL has been submitted for the Najafgarh Nallah area. Haryana govt recently grudgingly declared the jheel area as wetland. Need more awareness drives n citizens group to prevent builder encroachment.Fabulous pictures. Rgds.

    Posted by Anindita | March 29, 2017, 11:41 am

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