Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary

State: Haryana, District: Jhajjar.
Distance: Around 15km from Jhajjar City, around 65km from Rajeev Chowk, Gurgaon, around 75km from Delhi via Bahadurgarh-Jhajjar.
Best known Route:- Delhi South->Rajeev Chowk, Gurgaon->Sultanpur->Farrukh Nagar->Jhajjar->Bhindawas.
Best time to visit:- During winter, mid-December to mid-January should be avoided due to fog.

bar-headed geese

Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary is a man-made lake spread over 412 hectares low lying area. It has twelve kilometers of motor-able embankments running round the perimeter making it possible to tour the bird sanctuary in a car- which is the only viable option. The adjoining small villages also provide opportunities to watch lots of small birds. Forest department is currently building few huts for stay as well.

The bird sanctuary is a safe home to many birds including the migratory ones. Less disturbed, the place has recorded around 266 different species of birds. The comprehensive bird list from Bhindawas is available at

It is always advisable to book a guide to visit this place. The route from Jhajjar to Bhindawas is bit confusing. Moreover to spot and identify such varieties of species require expert’s help. I wouldn’t recommend this place from photographic point of view as the area is quite large and birds are seen mostly from distance. But it is surely a hot spot for birders and having a good pair of binocular definitely help a lot.

Few best known guides available for the place are Sanjay Sharma, Rakesh Alhawat and Jagat. Contact number can be shared on request.

Key Attraction: Eurasian Eagle Owl, Eurasian Rock Owl. Forest department has come up with few huts as well for night stay.


greater cuocol



One thought on “Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary

  1. Kindly share telephone no of the guides Sanjay Rakesh and Jagat

    Posted by Arvind Yadav | April 16, 2017, 3:23 am

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