Surajpur Bird Sanctuary and Dadri Wetland

State: UP, District: Gautam Budh Nagar
Distance: Around 18 KM from Mahamaya Flyover, Noida, Around 28 KM from Ashram, Delhi.
Best known Route:- Delhi -> DND Flyover-> Greater Noida expressway-> Turn left from City Park towards Swarnim Vihar-> Turn right at T point -> Follow Dadri Road ->Surajpur.
Best time to visit:- Winter is best for migratory birds.


Surajpur Bird Sanctuary and Biodiversity park is the newest addition amongst the lot. Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority, WWF and the UP Forest Department collectively worked very hard to re-build the 330 hectare area which include around 110 hectare of wetland. More than 1 million trees were planted, nature trail were created and to conserve more rain water the authority has also built an artificial dam.

The park is home to various species of birds including sarus crane, various species of storks, herons, resident ducks, cormorants,  water peafowl, and buzzards. During winter season migratory ducks regularly visit this place. The forest is thicker with beautiful scape compared to nearby bird sanctuaries and highly recommendable for a nature walk.

Dadri wetland is another 15 km away from Surajpur. listed around 40 species of migratory birds ( which were reported from the wetland. Although the area is not a protected site, last year Union Environment Ministry had issued a notification to halt all constructions around the wetland considering its ecological importance.  More than 200 species of birds are seen in and around the wetland including the rare Bristle grassland. In one of my visit I have also seen couple of black bucks in that area.

DND to Surajpur:
Surajpur map

Surajpur to Dadri Wetland: From NH91 take towards right through a village road. The wetland is adjacent to the SNU(Shiv Nadar University) campus but I think there is no exit towards the wetland from SNU campus.
dadri map

NOTE: Do not visit this place alone. An update from a friend on 16.11.2014

One of my friends was today morning attacked in Surajpur Wetlands and was deprived of his camera, his 400 mm f 2,8 canon lens, tripod, purse, mobile by 4 people niside the wetlands. I condemn this and want to muster enough support from you all to pressurise the authorities to book the miscreants and to provide enough security for nature lovers and photographers, who frequent these wetlands.

asian koel small

_MG_0011 small


2 thoughts on “Surajpur Bird Sanctuary and Dadri Wetland

  1. I am a frequent visitor to this wetland as I reside only 10km from Surajpur.
    I am not visiting it after 16Nov 2014 incident of camera snatching. I was walking just 50 session ahead of Mr. Makkad when his camera was snatched by 4 miscreants. I had even spotted them besides the deserted road inside the wetland (probably planning for this incident). They were 4 in number and one of them had tied a red colour shawl around his waist( which they used later to tie Mr. Makkad which was some 50 yards behind me taking shots of a herd of white ibis).

    What a shame!!! Police came after the incident and we explained everything and nothing has happened after that.

    Please don’t visit this place unless you are in a group of minimum 4.

    Posted by Manish Chandra | December 9, 2014, 3:49 am

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