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On this very day a decade ago…….

10 years ago on this very day I landed in Delhi- to start a new life. The Brahmaputra mail, by which I was travelling, reached old Delhi railway station at around 11:30 am on 26/12/2004. The day was cold and foggy. Within an hour I reached Masjid Moth behind South Extension, Part 2.  At the … Continue reading

Sunday Birding – Birding like a Birder ?

Birding like a birder? Or acting like a birder? I think I was trying to act like one. The broken lens pushed me to grab a binocular from my friend and when the Common cranes were foraging few meters away from me and my friends were busy clicking photographs, I was watching them by manually adjusting … Continue reading

In Memory of My Last Wallet

I had been using this wallet since 2012. In the last two years, it served the purpose of keeping all the valuables well under inside its jackets. I lost it yesterday and I want to give this one a farewell with these memories. It was 2nd November 2012. I went to watch a late night … Continue reading

Essence of Kolkata

I was in Kolkata recently for few days and that was the first occasion where I spent more than 2 nights in the city of joy. Out of the busy schedule, I managed to get a small plot for my blog and I called it ‘essence of Kolkata’. A Poem I must say I haven’t … Continue reading

A Timeline of the Mighty Broom

Thousands of years ago:  Well, we do not have a birth certificate of broom. However, I believe thousands of years ago when our ancestors used to live in caves, they started using a form of broom to keep the caves clean. Since then, various form of brooms were used for similar purposes but nobody has … Continue reading

Exotic or not, Japanese Fruit from Himachal is nutritious.

Persimmon fruit (Diospyros kaki) or the commonly known Japanese fruit (Japanese Persimmon or Japani fruit) is native to China. Worldwide the top 5 producers of this fruit in 2011 were China, Korea, Japan, Brazil and Azerbaijan followed by Italy, Israel and Pakistan. This information I have gathered from Wikipedia. The porters have offered us this … Continue reading