My First Cycle – B’twin Original 5

Last winter, I went to a friend’s place for a BBQ party. We discussed about cycling briefly and on request his father took us to his garage to show us his collection. I was blown away by his dad’s love and passion for cycling. That was when the first thought of buying a bicycle came to my mind.

Few weeks back, I found an update from one of my friend who bought a cycle recently and took part in the Delhi version of Rahagiri. I spoke to him briefly on his experience and the thought of buying a cycle had triggered once again in my mind.

In the weeks that followed, I spent a lot of time on the subject. I went through many web-sites and forums to understand various types of cycles and other aspects. I subscribed to few online forums and put up certain queries on buying a new cycle. I have spoken to my friends, one in particular, in length and breadth and also called up a person from Bangalore (Mr. Basab Chakraborty) who has many years of cycling experience. I visited few cycle stores in South Delhi as well as Decathlon in Noida.

After all those R&D, I have gathered the following pointers:

  • That I am in my mid 30’s and I need a cycle for not so serious stuff.
  • That mostly I will be riding within the city and occasionally some rough patches.
  • That I am over 80kgs and the cycle should be considerably lighter.
  • That I have a stiff body and therefore a cycle which requires an aggressive posture will not be suitable for me.
  • That I do not want to spend a lot of money on my first cycle as I am not sure how this will go.
  • That I want to enjoy the rides and do not want any additional headaches in terms of maintenance, servicing or spending time on finding a spare part.

Finally, I went to Decathlon and purchased a BTWIN Original 5 CMW. The guy at the store took me from one shelf to other helping me picked a helmet, a lock, a foot pump, a stand and a led light. In total I paid around Rs. 20,000.


I asked the guy for home deliver and he charged Rs. 500 extra. He told me that the cycle would be delivered a day later. But the delivery guy called me after an hour to confirm if he can deliver the cycle the same day. There was no reason for me to say ‘no’ and he delivered the cycle at my doorstep within the next one hour or so.

All went smoothly other than the fact that I forgot to pick up the foot pump and the led light from the billing counter. When I contacted them they told me to visit with the bill and collect the items. Considering the ease of shopping, timely delivery and the way they handled my issue, I have realized that I should have given them ‘Excellent’ rating while giving feedback instead of ‘Good’.

The cycle is under lifetime warranty and my first (free) service is due in 3 months. I rode around 1o km in the evening on the very same day. But I have to wait till 2nd October to go for a longer ride.  As of now I cannot share any feedback and all I can say is ‘so far so good’ other than the pain I am going thru despite the fact is the saddle is bit softer than many other cycles., Noida


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