The Vintage Show

A weekend cycle ride in Delhi gives some opportunities to be a part of some nice events. I came across a Vintage Car rally on 08.03.2015 while going for a morning ride. All images were shot from a Blackberry phone.

IMG_20150308_093002_edit IMG_20150308_092753_edit IMG_20150308_092551_edit IMG_20150308_092526_edit IMG_20150308_092510_edit IMG_20150308_092422_edit IMG_20150308_092403_edit IMG_20150308_091841_edit IMG_20150308_092031_edit IMG_20150308_092058_edit IMG_20150308_092145_edit IMG_20150308_092223_edit IMG_20150308_092241_edit IMG_20150308_091736_edit IMG_20150308_092331_edit IMG_20150308_091758_edit IMG_20150308_091629_edit IMG_20150308_091548_edit IMG_20150308_091612_edit IMG_20150308_091433_edit IMG_20150308_091424_edit IMG_20150308_091155_edit IMG_20150308_091213_edit IMG_20150308_091232_edit IMG_20150308_091250_edit IMG_20150308_091300_edit IMG_20150308_091348_edit IMG_20150308_091400_edit IMG_20150308_091138_edit IMG_20150308_091119_edit IMG_20150308_091051_edit IMG_20150308_091031_edit IMG_20150308_091005_edit IMG_20150308_090948_edit1 IMG_20150308_090910_edit1 IMG_20150308_090829_edit1


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