Trekking Inside GHNP: Breaking into my first Trekking Shoe

It was a dream ,which got finally fulfilled. With the company of two young, vibrant and energetic souls and the guidance and support provided by a gentleman called Mr. sood, I have experienced the joy of trekking and that too inside Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) up to an altitude of around 3100 meters… which I will cherish for a lifetime.

im1pThe Tirthan River

The overnight rainfall couldn’t deter us,neither any feedback provided by midway “given up” trekkers could demotivate us. We went all the way, in fact beyond the original itinerary and camped a night at Shilt. Thanks to Lord Varun, the unwanted bad weather turned good for us. The Shilt top, otherwise dry till the mid of November, was covered under fresh snow and a light snowfall welcomed us as soon as we reached the top.

For us that was a kind of a blessing from the very “ Valley of the Gods” 🙂

The team which accompanied us was mentored by Mr. Sood, the gentleman mentioned earlier by me. We were amazed by their hospitality, that too in such inhospitable environment. The food prepared by them can be termed as luxury considering the resources available.


The chocolates offered by Mr. V (here its one of those two vibrant souls) at regular intervals was not only energetic but also quite motivating for me to keep walking. The well timed humour pitched in by the other energetic soul, Mr. A, made the trek not only less stressful, but also helped me accept and bear with the subzero temperature.


GHNP is a great place for bird watching. One could find a completely different set of species at the height of Shilt. A lonely bar-headed goose which we have photographed in the Tirthan River near Goshaini was a record shot as mentioned by Mr. Sood. Plenty of monals can also be found near Shilt. There were other lifers like nutcracker, bar-tailed creeper, many species of finch and laughing-thrush.

TS5A5542 *Captured by Mr. A.

Khem Bharti’s homestay was our base camp and we spent our first night there and clarified all our doubts regarding the trek with Mr. Sood. As a part of our preparation we trekked to a nearby waterfall to check our own stamina. The evening meal was lavishly prepared with well fried trout fish. A cake(it was Mr. A’s birthday) which we had ordered from Kullu reached us only after dinner complementing the meal as a welcomed dessert.


Returning from Shilt to Rolla was the most strenuous part of our trek. I was almost dragging my feet towards the end. Getting down definitely require more stamina as well as balance. But the beauty of the valley was such that by the time the evening soup had arrived, all of us forgot the difficult part and started discussing about other treks for future endeavor.

The Trek:

Day 1: – Goshaini(1500m) – Kharongcha Gate(2000m) – Rolla (2100 m), approx. 9km.

Day 2: – Rolla (2100 m) – Shilt(3000m), approx. 5km

Day 3: – Shilt(3000m) – Rolla (2100 m) – Kharongcha Gate(2000m), approx. 6km

Day 4: – Kharongcha Gate(2000m) – Goshaini(1500m), approx. 8km


Route to Goshaini from Delhi:

NH1 to Ambala. NH22 to Zirakpur via Dera bassi; NH21 to Aut via Chandigarh, Kurali, Rupnagar, Kiratpur, Swarghat, Bilaspur Bypass, Sunder Nagar and Mandi. State road to Gusaini via Larji and Banjar. People travelling by own car should take right just before entering the Aut tunnel to take the state road.

im6pAt Shilt top

Note: Our trip was organized by Ankit Sood of Sunshine Himalyan Adventures. He managed everything for us starting from our bus ride from Delhi and back. He can be contacted at 09418102083.

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5 thoughts on “Trekking Inside GHNP: Breaking into my first Trekking Shoe

  1. TOOOOOOOOOO goood

    Posted by Ashish | November 19, 2013, 11:39 am
  2. Oh how i miss this place..beautiful pictures and amazingly captured.. 🙂

    Posted by chetna joshi | November 19, 2013, 2:34 pm
  3. Dear Bhrigu,

    Greetings from GHNP,

    Thanks for the beautiful post on your maiden trek to the Great Himalayan National Park. It would be a pleasure to host you and your friends in the future as well. Sunshine Himalayan Adventures (SHA) has worked a lot towards making this a world heritage site and finally our effort has been fruitful as the UN body declares GHNP a World Heritage Site.


    Ankit Sood

    Posted by Ankit | June 16, 2014, 5:39 am


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  2. Pingback: Recounting My Trekking Experience Inside GHNP | Weekend Birding & Random Thoughts - September 3, 2014

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